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Reproduction Furniture Styles

Antique table and chair. Classic room interior

Embracing History Through Reproductions

Explore how antique reproductions embrace history by creating unique family stories and how the next generation keeps the trend alive.

ice cream parlour with black and white checked floor and pink stools at the bar

Retro Furniture and Why We Love It

Are retro styles really timeless? Why are people drawn to them? Learn what they are, how to use them, and how to make your friends jealous of your personal style.

elizabethan furniture

What is Elizabethan Furniture?

Elizabethan style furniture presents as elegantly and sophisticated as the name suggests.

sheraton desk

What is Sheraton Furniture?

Sheraton style furniture saw its prime during the United States Federal period from 1790 to 1820. However, its charming design still occupies space in the homes of antique lovers and furniture connoisseurs today.

American style

What is American Empire Style Furniture?

Cheese, wine, blue jeans, whiskey- some things just get better with age. American Empire-style furniture is no exception.

Antique collections

Favorite Furniture Pieces from our Collections

Our selection of heirloom quality antique reproductions contains elegant furnishings for every room. Read about our 10 favorite pieces and why they are so special!


The Timeless Appeal of Antique Furniture

Antique and reproduction furniture is truly timeless and classic. Here are a few reasons why this kind of furniture will never go out of style.


Learn More About Farmhouse and French Country Styles

While many consider the looks of French country and Farmhouse styles to be similar, they vary in many different ways. Come learn about their differences here.

Antique chairs

Styles of Antique Chair Legs

More than just a sturdy feature, antique chair leg styles are beautiful finishing touches and a marker of their era.

Retro furniture drawings

Differences between Antique, Vintage and Retro

Antique vs. Vintage vs. Retro, and what's the difference?


Learn About Antique Furniture and Reproductions

Understand how easy it is to decorate a modern home with antique reproductions for a well-appointed, stylish room.

Victoria and Edwardian Furniture

Differences between Victorian and Edwardian furniture

While similar in style on the surface, these two breathtaking styles have unique details that set them apart. Read on to find out what makes them different.

Victoria and Modern Furniture

Combining Victorian and Modern Furniture

Creating statement pieces using Victorian furniture in a modern home can be easier than you think.

Biedermeier Furniture Overview

Biedermeier Furniture Overview

We study the characteristics and beauty of Biedermeier furniture and what makes them stunning home pieces that endure to this day.

How to Identify French Provincial Furniture

How to Identify French Provincial Furniture

For the antique hobbyist and lover, we share the hallmarks of the enchanting and welcoming style of French Provincial furniture for ease of identification.

How to Identify Victorian Furniture

How to Identify Victorian Furniture

For the discerning antique collector, we share the characteristics to look for and to spot Victorian furniture in the wild.

How to Identify Chippendale Furniture

How to Identify Chippendale Furniture

Learn to spot the elegance and signature craftsmanship that identifies authentic Chippendale furniture.

How to Find Hidden Compartments in Chippendale Furniture

How to Find Hidden Compartments in Chippendale Furniture

This detailed guide will help you spot hidden compartments for money, securities, documents, and more within Chippendale furniture.

Always Stylish Mahogany Furniture

Always Stylish Mahogany Furniture

The properties of mahogany wood and what makes it a popular and ideal choice for furniture./p>

The History of Sofas Through the Years

The History of Sofas Through the Years

What we did before the sofa and from where this standard piece of furniture came.

History and Style of Regency Chairs

History and Style of Regency Chairs

An exploration of the historical significance and evolution of design featuring Regency chairs.

French Country Design Influences on Antique Furniture

French Country Design Influences on Antique Furniture

Explore how opulence transformed into capturing French pastoral countryside and how this French country design still influences antique furniture today./p>

mahogany dining room set

Why Mahogany Furniture Keeps Its Value

Six compelling reasons why mahogany furniture not only keeps its value but becomes more priceless as time goes by.

bedroom with antique furniture

Why Chippendale Furniture is Unique?

The one-of-a-kind characteristics of Chippendale furniture make this design timeless and still one of the most sought-after home furnishings.

English Regency vs. French Regency Furniture Styles

English Regency vs. French Regency Furniture Styles

The differences between furniture styles created during the English Regency and the French Regency.