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Chippendale Dressers by Laurel Crown

Chippendale Dressers Perfect for Any Room

Our stunning antique reproduction Chippendale dressers come in wide and tall sizes to suit every bedroom size. The Chippendale Highboy Dresser stands stately and elegant, while our Lowboy and Wide Chest of Drawers allow for a mirror. Each carries ample drawer space for clothing and accessories, a perfect complement to our Chippendale beds.

Are you tired of the copy-and-paste mass-produced furniture bedroom designs of the modern-day era? If you have been seeking something better to suit your discerning tastes, seek no more. This page showcases the unrivaled craftsmanship and beauty in our collection of Chippendale dressers.

Each antique-reproduction Chippendale dresser we've recreated with the same expertise, care, and skills laid down by the Master himself so many years ago. These dressers capture the unquestionable stateliness and elegance that genuine antiques are known for. As we create them precisely in the same manner as traditional mortise and tenon, hand-carved decoration with hand sanding and finishes, they are so breathtakingly beautiful they are difficult to tell they aren't genuine. At Laurel Crown, we uniquely understood what it was like to dream of owning authentic antiques-filled with the artistry and grace of times gone by yet finding it difficult to purchase or own one. Therefore, we recreated them with the same precision and skill as the originals to ensure our customers get nothing less than heirloom quality Chippendale dressers.

Certified Honduran mahogany wood grants an undeniable patina of dramatic warmth that will deepen in color over the years. This collection of Chippendale dressers provides a wealth of storage options for all your needs, whether they become the perfect place for your wardrobe or as an accent to your dining room, hallways, or elevated décor for a guest bedroom.

It is easy to create a focal point for any room with our Chippendale dressers without disrupting the original theme of your home or as a starting point for deciding what the room's interior design will be. Additionally, you can create a dramatic pairing by mixing and matching modern and antique seamlessly.
Would you love to know more or have more questions about these dressers? Please reach out and contact us today.

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