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Handcrafted Furniture Resources


Biedermeier Furniture Overview

Reproduction Furniture Styles

Explore and learn about the timeless elegance of some of the most beautiful reproduction furniture styles.

What Materials are Used to Make Chippendale Furniture?

Wood and Furniture Construction

Take a fascinating and informative look at the world of wood and furniture construction, from joint types to materials and beyond.

How to Clean a Sofa

Furniture Cleaning and Maintenance

Keep your beautiful furniture clean and looking nearly brand new with tips, tricks, and informative How-To's found here.

Upholstery Fabrics

Fabric tips

Illuminating articles and exploration of upholstery fabrics, types, and helpful tips on historically accurate patterns.


Antique and Reproduction Furniture

We provide in-depth articles and information about antique and antique reproduction furniture to answer all of your questions.

Mattress Sizing

Furniture Sizing

Create the perfect, eye-pleasing room décor with our guides to furniture sizing.

How to Mix Traditional and Antique Room Décor

Reproduction Furniture Decorating Tips

Whether your décor is modern, minimalist, cottagecore, or eclectic—we can assist you in decorating your home with reproduction furniture.

woman sitting on wooden furniture

Reproduction Furniture Weight Capacities

Find and understand the different weight capacities of our reproduction furniture to ensure the longevity and beauty of your pieces.

6 Foot Table Seating Chart

Dining Table Seating Chart

Fit your guests, fine china, and decorations quickly and flawlessly with our dining table seating chart.

bedroom with antique furniture and covid


The antique world is rich in incredible history. Join us as we learn where styles and pieces came from and how they've evolved through the years.

Vintage reproduction collectors know the value of properly caring for their pieces, but not everyone knows how to take care of scuffs, spills, and stains. That's why we've put together a collection of relevant and helpful resources that both teach and offer practical advice for furniture collectors of all levels of experience. After all, even a historian who has collected antique furniture for years may not know the history of bookcases, nor why mahogany is such a popular choice for wood used to craft reproduction furniture. Don't limit yourself to collecting vintage furniture; collect all the knowledge you can and use this knowledge to impress your fellow collectors. When you have guests come to your house, you can tell them about people, stories, traditions, and trade secrets that they have never heard of before.

Whether you're new to the world of vintage reproduction furniture or you've been collecting for years, our vast and extensive collection of handcrafted furniture resources has something for everyone. These articles answer all of your burning questions about vintage reproductions, including the history of different types of furniture, decorating tips, information on how to care for your vintage pieces, ways to identify which historical period a piece of antique furniture is from, and unconventional ways that you can use different reproduction pieces. Find solutions for your immediate concerns or teach yourself something new; after all, even the most experienced vintage furniture collector has something new to learn. Browse our articles from newest to oldest, or search for a specific topic in our search bar.

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    Online businesses come and go, but our customers trust our 26 years of experience building fine furniture to deliver on our promises. Read our story and our customer reviews to see why people love Laurel Crown.

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    We don't take shortcuts. We like to do things the old-fashioned way and that includes the way we make our furniture. Fine hardwoods, solid joinery techniques, hand-tied upholstery—just a few ways we build our furniture to last through wear and tear over the years.

  • Yes, We Customize.

    Don't see what you want? We'll work with you to design and build the perfect custom furniture for your individual home. Just want to change the upholstery or wood color? We do that too, just give us a call. We love doing custom projects for our customers!

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    We understand buying furniture online can be daunting so we offer a 100% money-back guarantee and no restocking fees on all orders except when customized or shipped internationally. We offer a satisfaction guarantee because we stand by the quality of our workmanship. And not only do we believe in our products, we use them too!