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Antique table and chair. Classic room interior

Embracing History Through Reproductions

Ask any collector of antique, vintage, or retro items why they love them; they will no doubt tell you they have a certain magical quality. Antique reproductions can inspire us with the tales of the origins of their style and tell the stories of all the hands and homes they once occupied.

Antique reproductions embrace history in many different ways, from following the exact steps of the cabinetry masters centuries ago to ensuring each piece is exceptional with handcrafted details that cannot be replicated or manufactured. One of the most significant advantages of antique reproductions is their ability to allow us to enjoy some of the world's rarest, most beautiful furniture forms without the massive investment an authentic antique would need. Reproductions enable everyone to enjoy the legacy of family treasure furniture meant to last.

But how, specifically, do our antique reproductions embrace history?

Masterful Joinery

A mortise and tenon are the most well-known and well-used means to join wood together. This joinery technique has survived for seven thousand years. The first example, tusked joints, is found in a well near Leipzig, one of the world's oldest intact wooden structures. Mortise and tenon joints are solid and stable, furnishing a sturdy outcome either by gluing or, in some cases, simply locking into place.

Mortise and tenon joints appear simple on the surface. Still, this is one of the most complex joints to create because it needs precise measuring and tight cutting—something which requires a well-seasoned master carpenter to accomplish.

When a dedicated antique reproduction company builds, they should always use mortise and tenon exactly as the masters did. This ensures that each piece is as sturdy and long-lasting as its original antique and so that the part of furniture can last countless decades in a customer's home.
Antique reproductions that follow the same building principles mean you're guaranteed a piece of furniture that will last many generations.

Expertly Done Reproduction? Experts May Not Be Able to Tell

A reliable antique reproduction company does more than just surface replication. They want to copy every detail, from planning the reproduction to the finished product. What goes into recreating an antique when the company cares about its craft?

  • Each piece of wood, before construction, is given a thorough inspection. Wood is chosen based on quality and grain, ensuring each section is remarkable.
  • Research is conducted on the hallmarks of each era and style, such as the famous Queen Anne preferred slipper feet or the signature Chippendale claw and ball feet. Additional details of that era, such as hand-carved motifs for specific styles for authenticity, are added. Since these details, such as acanthus leaves or gadrooning, are handmade, no two will be exactly alike, creating a one-of-a-kind piece.
  • Once the piece has been built and carved, finishing touches are also made by hand, such as meticulously sanding and choosing the ideal stain and finish that not only brings out the beauty of wood grain but protects and prolongs its luster.

With such excruciating detailing, many experts would find it difficult to tell a reproduction from a genuine antique without close study, meaning your guests may not be able to know at all.

Why The History of Loving Antiques Will Never End

Throughout decades, some have wondered if collecting and loving antiques or their reproductions will ever wane. Thankfully, as our descendants become dealers, designers, and collectors, the answer is always no. New generations are embracing the history and unique joy of antiques, ensuring they remain part of the modern design movement and beyond.

How Antique Reproductions Embrace History

Like authentic antiques offer a glimpse into the past—reproductions provide the same. Reproductions mirror the era, customs, and design aspects that make up a point in history. As the years pass within your home, your antique reproduction also begins to collect your life's stories. Memories and moments important to you can be imprinted on heirloom quality reproductions that you can pass on to the next generation.

Reproductions allow us to connect with history and the people before us. Reproductions are a living record of the past, replicating the breathtaking artistry and exquisite skills master crafters displayed in the sheer quality of the art they produced.

Perhaps a particular collection or style captures a childhood memory of home or family members and grandparents. Yet, not everyone can inherit precious antique pieces to carry on the memory, but reproduction can allow those to recapture that warm memory.


Reproductions can evoke mystery, having the ability to capture our imaginations enough to encourage us to learn more about them. Many of us love learning about their origin, who created them, and their design history.

Unique Home Décor

With the exact stunning details of authentic antiques, reproductions are as unique as their owners. Reproduction antiques are an excellent way to have your entire home reflect what makes you unique rather than the décor you choose to display. Your home should be a space that ultimately provides you and your family comfort. Creating a fun, cozy, welcoming space surrounded by beautiful things that you love and have meaning for you is one of the best ways to create a unique space you will adore spending time in.

Reproductions Have Long Lives

Because a reputable reproductions company will ensure that every detail is as exact as possible to the original, including building techniques—you are bringing a piece of furniture or art into your home that will become a family heirloom. As the years go by, the wood will age and deepen in color, primarily if an antique reproduction is constructed from genuine mahogany. Dings and scratches bring your history and stories to life as decades of family use to reflect on your reproduction. These imperfections are your story, your past, and these bumps only add to a reproduction's patina.

If you are ready and feel it is time to embrace and create your history, Laurel Crown encourages you to enjoy and browse our elegant collections. Find a piece that sparks your imagination, speaks to your heart, and captures the past with warmth and beauty today.

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