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The Timeless Appeal of Antique Furniture


Why is antique and reproduction furniture becoming more popular than brand new furniture? Even though interior design aesthetics are wildly different now than they were hundreds of years ago or even just tens of years ago, antique-style furniture is consistently chosen as the first preference in people's homes. So why is that? Well, antique and reproduction furniture has a certain timeless and classic 'Je ne sais quoi' that pairs well with about any personal style.
We know that design styles and preferences change rapidly, and what is in fashion now will become tacky within the next ten years. And we know that style moves in a cycle. Aesthetics and styles that were fashionable, say 60 years ago, are now reappearing in modern design. We also can see this in antique furniture in two ways. First, there is such a broad range of antique styles that there is sure to be an era that suits your current preferences. If you don't like the look of mid-1700s furniture, then try the early 1800s. No matter your interior design style, you are guaranteed to find an antique piece that matches it. And second, with the broad range of wood finishes, fabrics, and overall shape and structure, antique and reproduction furniture varies just as much as modern styles. There is no single style of furniture from an era, just as there isn't a single style available today.


When people say that "they don't make them like they used to," they're correct as it pertains to furniture. Before the advent of mass production and furniture factories, skilled artisans made all furniture by hand. These people were experts in their craft and built furniture to reflect that. Joints were precisely fitted together without using screws or bolts. This technique made the furniture piece stronger and last longer overall. The pieces also were made of hardwood, unlike the cheap particle wood we find today. This furniture was made to be beautiful as well as practical. People couldn't afford to replace furniture repeatedly, so they expected what they had to last them and their children a long time.

It's a sad fact that the art of true furniture-making has been lost or underappreciated. People are likely to buy flat-pack furniture online or from big box stores rather than expertly crafted pieces. This is largely due to price and accessibility. It's often more cost-effective and accessible for most people to buy a $50 table and replace it in ten years than to buy a $600 table and have it last 100 years, despite the fact you get a far superior product with well-made furniture. Also, antique and reproduction furniture simply isn't available to everyone. Antique shops can only hold so many pieces, and reproduction furniture companies can only produce so much.

Return on Investment

Because of the amazing and long-lasting quality of antique and reproduction furniture, you will receive a return on your investment if you decide to buy some of these pieces. They're sure to be on this earth longer than you will. You'll be able to enjoy them today, but also have them to pass down to your children when you're gone. The outright cost of the piece won't seem as high when you think of all the years that you'll be able to use it without replacing it. They're built to withstand the use of everyday life and can be repaired by craftsmen if they happen to become damaged.

Another reason you'll get a return on your investment is that this furniture either retains its value or increases in value. So, if you don't want to keep it for 60 years or pass it down to your children, you always have the opportunity to sell it for a substantial profit. Private antique buyers are always looking for new pieces, and auction houses are always looking for new inventory in this fast-moving market. Outside of your budget, you don't need to worry about the original cost because you know you can make it back.

Why You Should Buy Antique

You should buy antique and reproduction furniture for all the reasons we listed above. You will always be able to find pieces that match your personal design preferences. They're built to last a lifetime in your home. And if you don't want it in your home for a lifetime, there will always be a market for its resale. But the real reason is that this furniture will truly never go out of style. That's why it's still in such demand today. People will always appreciate a beautifully-made piece of furniture that more resembles artwork than a functional aspect of your home. We can guarantee that you will never be sorry for choosing to buy antiques.

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