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Combining Chippendale Furniture with a Modern Home Look

Modern living Room couch and table

Chippendale furniture has played a major role in the world of interior design for many years. This furniture style is known for its complex trims, curvy legs, and ball-and-claw feet. To get a modern take on this classic design, you want to focus on key elements while updating them with neutral colors and other modern features. If you love Chippendale furniture but enjoy incorporating modern decor into your home, you can find ways to blend these two styles. The key is not to simply update the furniture with new materials but to look at how you can use it in different ways so that they don't feel out of place. From updated storage options to repurposing existing pieces, you can use many creative ideas to bring both styles together in one room and throughout your home. Here are some tips to help you achieve this unique blend easily!

Choose the Right Color Scheme

When choosing the right color scheme for your Chippendale furniture, you can use the existing color palette of the furniture, or you can go for a broad neutral palette of simple tones. You don't want to choose a palette that has too many colors as it could make the furniture seem out of place. A neutral palette is a great way to include Chippendale furniture in your home, even if it doesn't necessarily go with the rest of the furniture. If you want to go with an existing color palette, you can do so by incorporating the colors into your other furniture pieces. You can do this by choosing furniture that already has similar colors on it or by repainting any new or current pieces. Make sure the colors of the rest of the room are neutral so that they don't take away from your Chippendale pieces.

Another way to blend neutral elements into your Chippendale furniture is by adding matching pieces to existing furniture in neutral shades. For example, suppose you have a Chippendale desk that has mahogany drawers. In that case, you can add matching drawers to any bookcases, cabinets, or related items so you don't have to worry about any potential clash of aesthetics. You can also add neutral accents to the room to provide extra decoration without taking away from the furniture. This can be done by adding rugs, artwork, or decorative pillows to the room. You can also consider adding neutral flooring if you have a large room with plenty of floor space. This is a great way to incorporate a neutral element while providing extra furniture protection. If you have a Chippendale coffee table, it's especially important to add a rug to help protect the table. You can also add neutral wall decor around the room to help tie it all together.

Try Out Different Furniture Shapes

Chippendale furniture is known for its intricate curves and ball-and-claw feet, but you can update it by incorporating more straight lines and angular furniture pieces to create a unique style. While you want the furniture to match the room's overall design, you also want it to feel that it's done subtly. An easy way to do this is by choosing furniture pieces with simple shapes such as cubes, rectangles, and other geometric pieces. The goal is to find contemporary furniture with similar details to the Chippendale furniture. You can also try out different materials such as metal or glass. Consider using metal pieces such as side tables or lamps to keep the room balanced.

Another way to incorporate both wood and metal pieces in your Chippendale furniture is by choosing furniture that has both materials. You can do this by adding side tables made from both materials or by choosing a coffee table with a metal frame and wooden legs. You can add other pieces that match both materials, such as decorative pillows, blankets, and rugs. This can help you better blend the two styles, so it doesn't look like you've added two different aesthetics to the room. If you have a Chippendale side table, you can pair it with a modern, metal piece of neutral-colored furnishing on top, such as a complimentary lamp.

Update Existing Chippendale Pieces

An effective way to modernize existing Chippendale furniture is by updating the materials that they are made from. Let's revisit our earlier example, where you had a Chippendale desk with mahogany drawers. There, we updated our other furniture to better match the Chippendale mahogany. However, you can instead replace the Chippendale style drawers with new drawers made from different materials with matching or complementary colors to update the furniture. If you have a Chippendale sofa, you can remove the upholstery and add new material, either changing the color or material completely. These are creative methods to update furniture pieces without having to completely replace them.


There are so many options and possibilities to combine Chippendale furniture with modern styles in your home. You can update the furniture by changing the materials, adding new pieces, or by updating existing pieces. You can also try out different furniture shapes, add neutral elements, and incorporate both wood and metal together. By fully committing to these techniques, you can successfully blend Chippendale furniture with modern styles in any room of your home.

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