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How to Tell if Your Wood is Insect Damaged

Posted by Laurence Lok on

insect damaged wood

While solid wood furniture is a great to have in your home, it is also unfortunately a natural target for small insects and pests.

Insects are used to finding tons of wood outdoors, so it should come as no surprise that when they find it in your home they’ll make a home of it. So how can you identify if one of your new Victorian chairs is the victim of insect infestation?

Pests like termites or powderpost beetles usually slowly eat their way along the grains of the wood until they are fully matured. Once this happens, they begin to burrow their way into and through the wood. As a result, exit holes may appear on the bottom or sides of the furniture, which is often the most tell-tale sign of insect infestation.

The appearance of fine bits of sawdust on the floor is another key sign of insect damage. If you notice any of these signals, call an exterminator immediately to remedy the problem.

Don’t let pesky bugs get the best of your great new piece of antique reproduction furniture—spot the warning signs early and eliminate them from your home.