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Queen Size Colonial Bed

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Product Description

Imagine creating something so utterly breathtaking and beautiful that it becomes not only timeless but part of history. The Greco-Roman world created patterns and architecture that can still be seen today in many antiques from all over the world. Our colonial queen-size bed features the acanthus leaf, used by the Romans to decorate temples and buildings. This leaf featured on the colonial queen bed is part of a plant that is a perennial, which means it comes back every year without needing to be reseeded or replanted. The acanthus leaf symbolizes immortality and rebirth, longevity, and healing. Symbols that we here at Laurel Crown have lovingly hand carved along the crest of the headboard and footboard.

Four short turned posts chosen for both their additional beauty as well as balance to the bed hold the entire sturdy creation on bun feet. This colonial queen bed is made to be dreamed upon as well as to be admired as part of an essential bedroom décor collection. We have recreated this colonial queen-size bed using the exact process and techniques used by master carpenters for centuries, resulting in a piece of furniture that will outlast others and become a family tradition.

We are dedicated to creating every detail by hand and doing things the old-fashioned way, no shortcuts and no mass manufactured pieces. Like the acanthus leaf motif featured on this very bed, we craft items to withstand time. This gorgeous colonial queen-size bed will last you and your family lifetimes. We use nothing less than the absolute premier, eco-friendly authentic mahogany wood for this colonial bed. As master craftsmen for years can attest, mahogany wood is exceptional to work with as well as superb dimensional stability. Mahogany is resistant to seasonal changes of humidity and has minimal shrinkage or swelling, which is why it was a chosen wood to create some of the rarest antiques of today and why we choose to use it as well.

This rare wood's grain truly becomes striking when paired with our classic stain and hand-finished with our patented satin semi-gloss finish. This technique uncovers a thrilling glow that mahogany is well-loved for that only becomes more beautiful over time.

If you have been waiting to purchase one of the finest handmade antique reproduction colonial beds, wait no further. Our queen-sized colonial will have your room and your sleep fit for royalty throughout generations.

For Customization Options for Queen Size Colonial Bed visit https://www.laurelcrown.com/custom-furniture

Product Details

Solid mahogany wood
65.5"W x 87"D x 51"H
Classic mahogany stain
Satin semi-gloss finish
This piece is customizable through our Custom Design Department
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