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Antique Musical Instruments as Home Décor

harp close up on strings

There are few things as long-lived and beloved as music. First arising during the Paleolithic period, music is a cultural universal shared by everyone worldwide. Many of us have had music as part of our lives, whether listening, creating, or playing it—and antique musical instruments have a one-of-a-kind charm and beauty that can add character and depth to any interior design style.

Antique musical instruments, whether handed down through generations or found in antique stores, have unique and rich histories that make them fascinating conversation starts and perfect centerpieces for many rooms within your home. From antique pianos to harps to guitars and brass, antique musical instruments can be found in a wide range of styles and designs to accommodate your ideal design within your home space easily.

Some instruments, such as violins or harps, are delicate and intricate, with finely detailed carvings and beautiful, aged woodwork with stunning patinas. Other instruments, like brass, have a more industrial look and feel with smooth curves and shiny finishes.

Focal Elegance


The piano is a gratifying musical instrument for an easy focal point of a relaxing or elegant room. Even if the piano is a bit broken and out of tune—sometimes these well-worn characteristics add the much-needed charm to any space. The top of a piano usually has plenty of surface area to display décor that can be light, simple, or artfully cluttered and exciting.

For example, consider a vintage painting paired with your favorite antique vases and a gorgeous houseplant to tie the look together.


The harp is one of the oldest musical instruments known, with wall paintings in ancient Egypt depicting an instrument shaped like a hunter's bow appearing to be one of the earliest harps created. Some of the most beautiful harps were created during the 18th Century, as they were favored within the French Court by its most celebrity of the time, Marie Antoinette, who also played the harp.

The harps of this period were often gilded, hand painted, and hand-carved with various reliefs and motifs. They were prized as adored musical instruments and as glorious pieces of furniture for salons and homes, presented as focal points in 18th-Century interiors. Exuberant decorations typical of the Rococo period, such as swooping and counter curves, were usually seen on chairs, tables, and other furniture. The harp fits perfectly into these interiors.

While we admit that getting your hands on a genuine 18th-Century harp may not be feasible for all, that doesn't mean the modern harp or an antique reproduction harp wouldn't look and feel different in an opulent room. A harp can be an ideal focal point in a room decorated with French antique tub chairs, Louis XV reproduction furniture, or French Empire-style furnishings.

Marching To Your Own Beat

Your house should always speak about its owner, family, and history. It should showcase what you love and be your version of perfection. One delightful yet unusual means to reflect a portion of that personality is decorating with a musical instrument that means something to you—for some of us, that may be the drums.

But how can you decorate with antique or vintage drums?

  • Small drums make for a unique shelving for a whimsical child's room. Especially if they are worn or weathered, giving them a much-loved charm. They can be affixed to the wall in many different ways.
  • Larger drums, like bass drums, can be turned into a fascinating living room table, a daring bedside table, or several of them can even become a dramatic coffee table. Play with different heights to create visual appeal, and keep in mind what materials they are created from to fit into your home's décor.
  • Another idea for a child's room is a drum light shade. You can create standing or hanging lamps out of old drums with a lighting kit and creativity.

Antique and Vintage Musical Instrument Decorating Tips

When selecting antique musical instruments for your interior design, it's essential to take the time to choose a piece or pieces which fit in with the overall style of a room or theme of your home. Should your home have a rustic, vintage atmosphere, you may wish to choose instruments that hold the same aesthetic, such as weathered acoustic guitars or mandolins.

Hanging a beloved instrument you play on a wall within your home turns that instrument into both a decorative and functional art piece.

  • Trumpets, trombones, baritones, tubas, or French horns are popular brass instruments that are occasionally silver or gold plated. You can find plenty of used horns in playing condition, or keep a watchful eye on advertisements and local yard sales to try and nab a brass instrument for less. Many brass instruments can also be converted into unusual home décor such as vases, sculptures, fountains—even lamps.
  • Vintage and antique radios, amps, speakers, and even old gramophones can look and sound fantastic, especially if you bring them into the 21st Century. There is much room in these vintage and antique pieces where wireless Bluetooth speakers can be placed for excellent sound while
    presenting a classic look.

Overall, antique musical instruments can be a beautiful and unique addition to any interior design style. Whether you're a musician or simply a music lover who appreciates the history and look of specific instruments, incorporating them into your home can add depth, texture, character, and interest to a room or space that may feel like it's missing something.

The world of antiques and antique reproductions is full of unseen and unusual beauty and traditional and timeless elegance, perfect for all to express their unique personalities through the comfort of their home. Along with antique musical instruments, there are many means of bringing music into your home, from repurposed CDs and vinyl to retro and vintage band posters or tickets.

Your creativity is the limit regarding your home design and enjoying a beautiful instrument or a musical-themed interior. We hope these tips have sparked your decorating inspiration to enhance and create your own living space. Music, for many of us, is an integral part of our lives, and with these tips and suggestions, you can easily incorporate it into your home to enjoy every day.

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