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Instruction on how to assemble a Canopy Bed or a 4 Poster Bed without Canopy.

All components which joints must be done are either numbered or lettered:
"A to A", " B to B", " C to C" or "1 to 1", etc.

 1) Lay the 2 posts of the headboard on the floor, insert the main headboard piece, the top rail, the top rod well in position. Tighten all joints with bolts provided. 

2) Do the same for the footboard. 

3) Stand the headboard and footboard up, carefully secure them by someone or something. 
(CAUTION: falling of the piece will damage to the piece and the surroundings.)

4) Hook the left & right bottom side rails between head & footboard without tightening, place the two main mattress support in between. 

* For 4 Poster Bed without Canopy, finish the assembly by tighten all joints with bolts.

* For Canopy Bed, continue with step 5) below:

5) Insert the left & right top rails and the rods well in position.

6) Tighten all joints with bolts provided, MUST start from the top, finalize by tightening all joints at bottom. (CAUTION: without tightening joints properly on the top, parts may fall and causing injury.)

7) Follow the number or letter, place slats across in position. 

8) Finish by putting the mattress on the bed. 

Congratulation! Enjoy the new bed with sweet dream!