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Why You Need a Valet Stand in your Bedroom

Why You Need a Valet Stand in your Bedroom

You may think that a clothes valet stand is something directly out of a Victorian romance novel, not something that would fit into your busy mornings of checking emails and then getting ready for work. You may also think you do not need such a thing. After all, is there not a closet right there in your bedroom? There are, however, many very good reasons as to why you need a valet stand in your bedroom.

A clothes valet is a tall piece of furniture, roughly the size of a full-length mirror that will hold your clothes for the next day. Not only are they most often a gorgeous addition to a bedroom, but it is also a piece of furniture that will assist in making your mornings immensely more convenient.

When you decide to dress well, with intent, especially with a jacket, tie, and slacks—you realize that this can take quite a bit of planning as well as preparation. A tailored suit does not stand up to being folded or stored, and frankly, it should never be folded or stored at the back of a closet. When you are a discerning, detail-oriented person, a valet stand is an excellent reminder of what to plan for the next day.

Originally, many years ago, a valet was not an object but a person. The duties of a valet were to dress a gentleman well in advance of the actual dressing. The valet would consider the entire day's activities and pick out ensembles he thinks most appropriate and which his employer would enjoy wearing the most. It was then his duty to get all pieces ready. During the Victorian era, the valet would then help his employer dress—as detached collars, two-sided cuff links, and the various difficulties of fashion at that time made it a challenge to dress oneself.

Even today, valets still exist, though they no longer dress their employers, they do help them with the choice of outfit and prepare them for the day.

A valet stand's purpose is to help you lay out your outfit to make dressing fast and more efficient. Your tie, belt, or suspenders can remain attached to the pants. Your socks can be picked out and partially folded inside out, so you can simply slip your feet in and pull them up, and a shoehorn can be laid across the shoes you will wear for the day at the bottom of the valet should you choose to do so.

Of course, if you do not wish to do so, a valet stand can be just as convenient for a dress shirt and jeans or any clothing you may wish to wear for the day. The best of both worlds can reside in a beautifully made valet stand.

Many can relate to the feeling of simply not having the time nor the energy to go digging through drawers and closets to try and put together what to wear. The temptation to simply find whatever is close at hand when just waking can be overwhelming. There are no doubt better things to do with your time in the morning than to waste it half-asleep, or worse, late because you could not find a matching sock.

You make enough decisions during the day. A valet stand prepared the night before is a fantastic means to starting your daily activities with less stress.

A good valet stand can do more than simply hold clothing, too. A valet stand can eliminate the arduous task of having to iron clothing daily to remove wrinkles caused by hangers and help eliminate the temptation to place clothes that you know you can wear again over chairs where they may end up on the floor.

A stand valet also grants you the advantage of a sort of mannequin. Whether you are going out for the evening, have an important meeting with clients, or simply wish to wear something less casual, a valet stand can help you compare a shirt to jacket, pants to jacket, and so on.

When you consider all these factors, the answer to the common question of whether you should buy a valet stand will no doubt be: yes. It is a worthy buy, for its exceptional craftsmanship, crisp and beautiful lines, gorgeous wood grain, and its convenience.

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