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Top 5 Trends To Keep Your Interior Design Timeless

As the years pass, so do interior design styles and philosophies. While we always want to stay in vogue, it can be difficult to keep up with every single new trend in interior design. However, you can still keep your home hip and stylish by sticking to a couple of trends that will never go out of style. Many of these tips revolve around simplicity and natural feelings, leaving spaces where you can color in elements of your personality and tastes to add important bits of you to your home. Check out these five tips to help keep your home fresh no matter what year it is:

1. Minimalism

Minimalism is a style of architecture and design that breaks down a form to its most basic elements. It’s a method of design centered around simplicity. The inherent absence of complexity gives off an air of modest elegance. Basic shapes, forms, colors, and textures are the most crucial elements of minimalism. It’s a bold theory of design that increases a room’s functionality and creates lots of open space.
The colors of minimalism are often monochrome, so try to implement neutral colors like white, black, grey, cream, or beige. Only rely on furnishings made from a handful of materials and designs, so you don’t clutter the room with anything that might detract from a minimalist style. Walls, decorations, and textures shouldn’t be complex; try to incorporate the simplest looks possible. Space is just as valuable to minimalism as the furnishings and decoration, so avoid filling every space and don’t incorporate complex decorations or large furniture items that are rarely or never used. Focus on the most essential and used items in a room and highlight their spot and importance.
The openness and light colors of minimalist rooms lend greatly to natural light and work to make the space feel bigger than it is. Overall, you’d be designing a roomy home that’s warm, welcoming, and cozy.

2. Tile for Kitchen and Bathrooms
Tile floors, walls, and surfaces are great options for kitchens and bathrooms because of their natural density. This makes them suitable for areas that get wet, but they also handle higher traffic areas with less wear and help keep a room cooler and easier to clean. Ceramic tile is a protective measure in any room where there is moisture and humidity. Additionally, tile provides adequate color and pattern options for virtually every type of interior design.
Tile is ideal in bathrooms for repelling moisture as well as adding a certain aesthetic to the room, depending on the tile you use. Besides the floor, you can also incorporate tile in the walls of your shower and as a cover for your vanity. The clean vibes of tile also add to the comfort level that anyone would want to feel when using your restroom or washroom.

Kitchen tile is a classic look that adds a bit of personality to one of the most popular rooms in the house. Adding tile to the wall behind a stove or countertop is a retro look that still works today, is extremely functional, and everyone will admire. Keeping your tile simple is key, as then their design won’t add visual clutter to a room, but don’t let it stop you from adding the occasional complex pattern if it’s what you prefer. It’s also a versatile surface; in addition to your bathroom or kitchen, you could also lay tile in your laundry room, on a patio, in the entryway, close to an outdoor pool, or anywhere else you deem fit. Tile is one of the ultimate combinations of function and style.

3. Vintage Furniture
There are many vintage pieces that, whether used as originally intended or repurposed, continue to stay in style. If you have a classic piece of furniture that is still well constructed and carries with it generations of history, it will work well as both a center point of a room and a talking piece. Secondhand pieces or vintage-inspired pieces pulled from your collection add a nice touch of character to any room.

Antiques are often created with high-quality materials, assuring they will last and remain durable under most conditions. If you’re aiming for a more rural look, weathered antique furniture and décor complement the style and will finish off the look. For those looking for something more urban and sleek, introducing cleaned and reupholstered antiques add an air of class and sophistication to the room. Whatever look you choose, an antique or quality reproduction antique is a perfect addition to your timeless room.

4. Wood and Other Natural Materials

The universal secret to keeping any area of your house warm and timeless is wood. It can be used for anything: floors, walls, furniture, décor, and utility pieces, among many, many options. There’s a natural and warm aura that wood brings into a room that cannot be beaten no matter what year it is. Whether you’re aiming for a homemade, DIY feel or a modern look that highlights comfort and finer aesthetics, wood is the versatile material to use.
Wood is something that can be tooled with and manipulated to fit any decor. If you’re not feeling its current color, it’s always ready to be painted or restained and refinished to match the feel of the room and your stylistic preferences. The natural colors of many hardwoods can even provide a neutral color that works in most spaces and can brighten up most rooms that utilize natural light.
In addition, including other natural elements like plants or woven textures and materials create a space that comes across as cozy and earthly.

5. Artwork
Art will always have a place in interior design. A bold piece of art or a featured gallery of smaller paintings, patterns, or family photos is an easy and creative way to add a flair of character to your home. The art you choose doesn’t need to be grandiose, it can be something as simple as a piece you liked at a thrift store with an updated frame of your choice, but try to pick a piece with colors and style that matches the rest of the room. The right art can stand the test of time.

We think you’ll find some of these tips helpful when designing your home to stay chic throughout the decades. Always aim for what you want to see most in your own space. No matter the year, your home isn’t yours without your personality added to the design.

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