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Solid Wood Furniture Benefits

 Wooden Dresser

We started using tree stumps for chairs around 30,000 years ago, and now we feature grand armoires in our Victorian-style bedrooms. Have you ever wondered why solid wood furniture has always been so popular, even since the creation of furniture itself? As it turns out, there are a lot of benefits to owning solid wood furniture. Here are our top ten.

1. Solid wood furniture lasts for years. Just like the ancient trees wood comes from, furniture crafted from solid wood is strong, stable, and long-lasting. There's a reason that so many original antiques are made out of wood, just like there's a reason that wood furniture tends to be more expensive than that made of other materials: things that are both beautiful and built to last cost more. Furniture made from wood lasts for generations, even up to one hundred years, and somehow it still manages to look brand new. It's that long-lasting quality that will save you money in the long run as a homeowner.

2. Solid wood furniture saves you money over time, making it a smart investment. It's very often true that solid wood furniture is more expensive than other types of furniture, but because wood lasts for so many years, you don't have to spend a fortune to replace various pieces as they start to look worn or overused. As long as you keep your solid wood furniture out of direct sunlight and use coasters (so that the condensation from your cups doesn't ruin the furniture's finish), you can keep your wood looking as new as the day it was carved with very little to no maintenance.

3. Solid wood furniture is very easy to maintain. It isn't hard to keep even the oldest pieces of solid wood furniture looking great; other furniture may require scrubbing or even steam cleaning, but wood only requires the occasional polishing, waxing, or oiling. Of course, if you prefer to do a very thorough cleaning job, or if your solid wood furniture has an unusual design, there are other more involved ways to maintain your furniture pieces, and you can always reach out to the manufacturer to make sure that you're cleaning and maintaining your furniture correctly to avoid damage.

4. Each piece of solid wood furniture is unique. Just like no two trees are the same, uniformity in solid wood furniture is hard to find, especially when the furniture is custom-made by an expert craftsman. There are different species and cuts of trees like oak, walnut, and mahogany, meaning that each piece of furniture made out of wood is going to have its unique knots, grains, and colors every time. All of these one-of-a-kind characteristics give each piece of furniture its personality and allow it to showcase that personality in any room of your house.

5. Furniture made from solid wood brings nature into your house. Even in the most concrete cities and metropolitan areas, solid wood furniture can bring the beauty of nature into your home and offer you a great deal of comfort and warmth. After all, the great outdoors tends to have an uplifting effect on us all, so it's no wonder that decorating your home with furniture made of wood could help boost not only your mood but the mood of your household.

6. Solid wood furniture can easily be altered and refinished. When you're ready for a change in style, refinishing solid wood furniture is easy and affordable, which means that when you inevitably feel the need to redecorate your whole house, you don't have to worry about buying all new furniture. You can just refinish the pieces you have to blend perfectly with your new style!

7. Solid wood furniture is versatile in style. Wood furniture looks good whether the style of your home is modern, rustic, or bohemian. There are so many different types of wood that you don't have to bend over backward to find pieces that meet your stylistic standards, though you can have a lot of fun with custom upholsteries. Each piece of wood furniture is already unique just because of the way it's crafted, but there are dozens of ways to make a piece even more uncommon.

8. Solid wood furniture is aesthetically timeless. There's a reason that people have been using solid wood furniture since the first piece of furniture was created: it's one of the most truly timeless elements of interior design. You don't have to worry about one day hating a piece of solid wood furniture you bought or realizing that wood is no longer in style when you're ready to pass your furniture down to your children and grandchildren. It's been around for 30,000 years, and it isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

9. Solid wood furniture elevates the sophistication of any room. Because people have been using solid wood furniture for so long, including kings and queens of ancient times, having a house full of solid wood furniture makes the whole space seem more elegant and sophisticated. It's a surefire way to wow your guests and to let them know that you care about the way your home looks.

10. Solid wood furniture is a lot better for the environment than plastic furniture. When plastic furniture is left abandoned outdoors, it does a lot of harm to the environment. Solid wood furniture, on the other hand, is made out of all-natural materials and is therefore biodegradable. That means that it won't cause nearly as much damage to the environment if it causes any at all.

When it comes to the world of furniture, solid wood is king, and it has been for centuries. It's an elegant and unique way to make a statement about your style no matter what the aesthetic of your house is; after all, solid wood furniture blends in everywhere. Worry yourself with only doing the bare minimum when it comes to maintaining your furniture, and never worry about having to replace old, worn-down furniture again. Consider starting a collection of solid wood furniture today and provide your family with a timeless style that you can pass down to future generations.

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