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Secretary Desks and Why They Are So Valuable

Secretary Desks and Why They Are So Valuable

Secret compartments and drawers that can be hidden away by a drop-down or roll-down panel, and exquisite hand carving details with finishes that age beautifully as time wears on are all key indicators of a vintage secretary desk. The secretary desk has become one of the more cherished pieces of antique furniture for both fine antique collectors and hobbyists alike. Their value as the years pass steadily has increased until they are extremely valuable now and in some cases, certain craftsmen made desks so exceedingly rare they are almost priceless.

So many may wonder, why are secretary desks so valuable now?

There are many reasons besides the fact that they are exceptionally beautiful pieces of antique, wooden art forms made with masterful talent.

Versatile Décor

A secretary desk can be so much more than a place where paperwork and pens are stored. These tall, elegantly made desks can be an additional décor flair added to many rooms outside of the den or office. To use the term, "desk," maybe disingenuous to all the creative uses this surprisingly adaptable historic piece of furniture can be, today.

Some of how clever interior decorators and creative do-it-themselves decorators have used their antique, or even reproduction secretary desks have been:

  • Jewelry cabinet
  • Powder or makeup vanity
  • Fine collectibles display such as family china or precious photos
  • Liquor or drink cabinet
  • Art or crafting supply organization and display
  • Bookshelf
  • Attractive entryway focal point
  • Child's bedroom homework station
  • Stately linen storage for the bathroom that doubles as a bathroom vanity too.

And of course, last but never least, for a writing and computer desk—though it is recommended due to the delicate nature of most secretary desks, that it works best with a laptop over a PC.

Many who have owned these desks have admitted that throughout their years of possessing one, it has become one of the most versatile pieces of furniture.

One of the reasons a secretary desk can be such an adaptable piece of furniture is due to how easily it can be customized, especially when you own a beautiful antique reproduction. At Laurel Crown, for example, when you order your Queen Anne Secretary writing desk or perhaps a Chippendale Secretary Bookcase, you are not limited to simply one finish or style.

In fact, through a highly-skilled customization team, you can request to customize nearly every aspect of a secretary desk to best fit into the décor of any room.

Decorating Ideas for Modern Homes with Secretary Desks

Living room – A secretary desk is a unique solution for those looking for a means to incorporate a workspace into the living room that will meld perfectly with the atmosphere, and can be a subtle one, too. It is easy to make a secretary desk appear more like traditional living room furniture by using one with tall upper cabinetry options to display a collection of objects, framed photos, or beloved books.

Dining – A secretary with a hutch and featuring glass doors is perfect for displaying family heirloom china or antique silverware. Decorations could include candlesticks in favorite candleholders, utilize a drop-leaf to display favorite tableware, or could be used as an extra serving space during your next dinner party.

Entryway – Combat the entryway's habit of collecting clutter with a secretary desk. Items such as your mail, knapsacks, even dog leashes or keys can all be easily stored out of sight thanks to the secretary desk's functional drawers. Should you purchase or own a secretary desk with a fold-out leaf, remember to take into consideration room to allow people to come and go through the entryway without having to squeeze by. As the entryway is often your guest's first impression on your home, this is an excellent way to capture your home's ambiance.

Original and Authentic

The ability to place a secretary desk in any and every room already affects the value of this resourceful piece of furniture. There are also many other reasons why these types of desks are now valuable as well, especially when one considers how they are made and whether they are antique.

Authenticity – If your antique secretary desk comes with paperwork and or a signature on the desk itself, this adds even more value to an already important piece of historic furniture. Since most antiques do not come with paperwork, or certain master craftsmen during periods did not always leave a signature or mark on their furniture—most antique owners must attempt to have their desk authenticated by an expert. However, paperwork or a signature that authenticates an antique is the most important factor that will increase market value.

Type of Wood – Several types of wood were used throughout the making of antique secretary desks, such as Oak, Cherry, Walnut, or Mahogany. The type of wood used and the patina, as well as its condition, can affect the value as well.

Craftsmanship – Detailing, the quality of the hand carving, and how well the joints were made, including the handles and drawer linings all add value to the furniture.

Original Hardware – This adds value if the original hardware is still present and in good condition. For instance, original panels, drawers, drawer handles can all affect the value.

Despite its moniker of 'desk,' the secretary desk has become far more valuable as the years pass due to the wide array of stunning styles, sturdy and highly skilled craftsmanship, age, as well as how endlessly adjustable it can be in any room of the home. Few pieces of furniture can boast its versatility, customization, and growing value as both an antique or a reproduction. The secretary desk may be one of the most valuable pieces of furniture for any homeowner.

If you would love to add one of these amazing secretary desks to your home's décor, please feel free to look at our gorgeous selection. If you have questions about our handmade secretary desks, feel free to call or email us for assistance. It would be our pleasure to help you find the next heirloom piece to add to your home.

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