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Reasons Behind the Popularity of Vintage Reproductions

Reasons Behind the Popularity of Vintage Reproductions

The allure of the past can be wistful and romantic, as well as appreciative of the history that came before us. Not everyone, however, can find and purchase a true Chippendale desk or an authentic Empire table. Authentic vintage furniture is often rare and considered precious. So where does one turn to when they wish to decorate their home with the same antique charm and beauty? They turn to vintage reproductions.

Of course, not every reproduction is made equal. There is a distinct reason why certain vintage or antique reproductions have become and remain so very popular to this day. It relies on many factors that make up the entirety of why they are such a must-have for so many and their homes.

Why vintage reproductions?

Most who seek out vintage reproductions or antiques do so for these reasons:

Sentimental – For those who remember family pieces with fondness, or those who are sentimentalists, buying antique-style furniture is a part of nostalgia. These pieces invoke feelings, emotions, and memories of an era from the past that is important to them.

Vintage reproduction collectors and buyers could be history buffs that have studied an era in detail and have fallen in love with the style of that era. Others may be researching their family background and history, seeking their family origins, and wish to decorate their home with furniture that best reflects their heritage.

Trend – Antiques have been a consistent trend. No matter which style of antique, they have always remained on-trend for interior decorating throughout the years. They are extremely versatile when pairing with other décor styles as well.

What makes a vintage reproduction so special?

A handmade vintage reproduction, hand-carved, sanded, and finished, first, becomes a one-of-a-kind item. Because it was made all by hand and by a skilled craftsman, unlike mass-produced items—each piece of furniture will never be alike. Individual embellishments, as well as touches, make vintage reproductions unique.

For example, even if two people from opposite sides of the United States both ordered a queen-sized French Sophie Sleigh Bed without customizing, the two beds would not be the same. Meaning each person owns a beautiful bed that no one else in the entire world owns.

Regarding being handmade, this type of furniture production is also far more sustainable and environmentally friendly than furniture assembled in a distant factory that may be using illegally harvested wood. A vintage reproduction from a well-respected source becomes an environmentally responsible choice for home decor as they are post-consumer content.

Secondly, antique reproductions should be handmade according to exactly how they were made, originally. For instance, many authentic antiques that are centuries old remain in fantastic, working conditions to this day thanks to the mortise and tenon joint. This joint has been used by woodworkers for thousands of years to connect pieces of furniture and it has certainly withstood the test of time.

The quality of handmade pieces outperforms anything which can be mass-created from a factory, making a piece of furniture that does not have to be replaced every few years. Indeed, a vintage reproduction crafted with the meticulous care and skill of a master woodworker can easily become a piece of family history, an heirloom that can be passed down to multiple generations. Thus, antique and vintage reproductions become an investment with years, decades, and possibly centuries of worth.

And, in the worst-case scenario, should a vintage reproduction owner have to sell their vintage furniture, they will retain a significant resell value, especially pieces that have aged well. As time passes handmade furniture appreciates.


A well-curated home becomes an alluring and sophisticated one. Vintage reproduction is an essential ingredient in achieving this. They add undeniable texture, contrast, layers as well as personality to any space they are added to and pack the most appealing punch when juxtaposed with modern pieces.

Pairing new and old highlights the differences while maintaining a home or space that is yours and yours alone. A bonus to investing in vintage reproductions is the protection from having to constantly purchase new items to keep up with trends—as vintage never goes out of style. Engaging lines, classic shapes, and solid construction that goes into creating these reproductions allow homeowners to have a piece of furniture that is timeless.


Vintage reproductions have the same sense of soul, a sense of gravitas and history that an authentic antique has. Like an antique, reproduction easily becomes more than furniture. Its durability and longevity become an item that can be passed on to others, showcasing a life's worth of memories and emotions.

Why are vintage reproductions so popular? History, memories, sentiment, exceptional craftsmanship you will not find at a big brand store, and an agelessness that will always work with an interior design no matter what era.

This is why we at Laurel Crown are dedicated to recreating such historic vintage reproductions, ensuring homes around the world have their very own piece of history that can be enjoyed for countless generations.

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