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Partner Maximalist Colors with Your Antiques

Photo of a luxurious living room with elegant furniture and a stunning chandelier

In interior design trends, encompassing the neutral palette appears to be an extremely popular choice over the years. Neutral colors are shades such as beige, ivory, taupe, black, grey, and cool or warm white that appear at first glance to be without color but come with subtle undertones. No two people, nor their homes, are all alike. While some may adore a neutral room, others love welcoming deep, dark, or bright and vivid colors—more of a maximalist décor atmosphere instead.

If you crave pops of deep, bright, or vivid colors but are worried they may not match your antiques or reproductions, don't worry. Our Laurel Crown experts are here to weigh in on how to pair maximalist colors with antiques for the perfect atmosphere.

What is Maximalist Décor?

Think big and think bold. The over-the-top maximalist design incorporates layers of vibrant or deep colors, patterns, textures, and collections of meaningful items such as furniture, art, treasures, or anything you love and have it all on display. Some may feel like maximalist décor is too much chaos for them, but everyone's personality and decorating style for their home is as unique as they are. If less-is-more isn't to your taste, maximalist may be your ideal interior design.

Even a few interior design trends, such as English Cottage, Cottage Core, and French Country, share the maximalist approach.

Antique Furniture that Embodies Maximalist Décor

Choosing a maximalist décor style is infinitely fluid, meaning you can create and envision a space that reflects your personality and enjoyment more than what is on-trend for the day. Prioritize creating layers of joy, comfort, and familiarity more than anything else with this décor idea.

You can incorporate a complex pattern of color, though you should choose each intentionally for a cohesive theme. For example, if your favorite color is deep green, consider using complementary and contrasting colors—such as a color with a blue base, other greens with yellow or olive undertones, and pops of bronze or gold. Be aware, however, that sometimes too much clutter may overpower the space.

Choose one or two leading pieces of furniture for the rest of the space to achieve a balance. These pieces should be eye-catching and vividly colored plush furniture. Once you have the perfect plush antique, designing the rest of the room's elements, such as decked-out curio cabinets, bookcases, cabinetry, or statement art and light fixtures, becomes more manageable.

Maximalist Colors

Colors for a maximalist, whether wall paint, fabrics, or furniture, contain vibrant, bold shades and playful, layered patterns. Combining creative paint color with a sheen can instantly transform a plain-looking room into a statement space. Consider colors from a maximalist palette and whether you want the color to be matte, semi, or high-gloss for added dimension on walls, trim, or even your ceiling.

What colors are some of the most popular for this interior design style?

  • A deep and warm golden yellow or ochre
  • Rich, verdant forest green
  • Dark and bold navy blues
  • Mysterious and intense charcoal grey
  • Vivid red or a decadent wine red
  • Royal purple or a dusky plum
  • Autumnal pumpkin or burnt orange
  • Caramel or coffee brown

The list above is not a set-in-stone rule either. If hot pink is something you adore or you are all about those lime greens, consider them part of your maximalist dream color palette freely.

Maximalist Colors and Antiques to Match

Forest Green
Green is famous thanks to its calming and soothing atmosphere and evoking greenery and plant life. Green is also a very versatile shade for monochromatic designs—meaning you can pair many different hues of green together for a cohesive look easily. Our favorite plush antiques that would look stunning in a maximalist deep forest green are:

  • Mahogany Louis XV Fauteuil Armchair in Softknit Aloe green. A flawlessly plush, ornate chair fits any den, sitting room, reading room, bedroom, or living room. It is a chair that begs to be placed near the fire or window and for you to collapse comfortably for long nights of hot tea and good books.
  • Empire Swan Sette with Softknight Aloe Green. With its exquisite feathered details along the arms depicting elegant swans, rosettes, and rich mahogany wood, this is a sumptuous settee perfect for a maximalist space.

You will adore the splash of red for rooms with deep golds, white, a tawny-orange, green, blue, dark charcoal, or even black paint or palette.

  • Victorian Parlor Chair with burgundy red upholstery. Dramatic and eye-catching, the Victorian Parlor Chair is perfect for a central point of any room. Additionally, the silky-soft fabric oozes comfort and classic taste all at once.
  • Victorian-Style Sofa in burgundy red upholstery. Here is a sofa made to draw all eyes to it while allowing you to sink into and float away comfortably. Perfect for any throw or comforter and excellent to use other colors from your palette by adding cushions.

Navy Blue or Deep Blue
Pairing dark-shaded hues like dusty purples, forest greens, and maroon or dark crimson red in a navy blue room will appear faded compared to that lovely dark blue. So, which furniture and upholstery colors do we recommend?

  • Louis XVI Bergère Armchair in Striped Ivory Jacquard. Buttery yellows, golden yellows, and soft ivories are gorgeous with navy blue. A Louis XVI Bergère Armchair is maximalist perfection. With an overstuffed cushion, gently curved arms, and hand-carved ornamentation, the bergère chair virtually encompasses the ideal of a maximalist style.
  • Empire Swan Chaise Lounge in Ivory Damask. Any space in your home that showcases a deep, glorious blue is the perfect place for this lounge, especially if the area is one made for relaxation. Curl near a candle or fire, watch your favorite comfort period pieces, or read a thrilling romance.

Mixing and Matching Texture Tips

To mix and match your antique textures, you'll find it more accessible and perhaps a bit more enjoyable to use big pieces of furniture such as sofas, end tables, or ottomans. Try to showcase how various textures and materials can play off one another. Pair a monochrome velvet couch with a striped chair in a contrasting color, or choose a big, bold flower pattern on the furniture instead of a maximalist color-painted wall.

Are you working with a low-light space? Keep the walls white but fill them with brightly colored framed art for stunning visuals and to keep the room airy.

Are you ready to create the home or room of your dreams? At Laurel Crown, we're honored and eager to help with the best design practices and the highest-quality antique reproductions just for you.

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