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  • Valet stand by Laurel Crown Furniture made from solid mahogany wood
  • Men's Valet Stand by Laurel Crown showcasing black suit and pants
  • Close up of Men's Valet Stand by Laurel Crown Furniture
  • Our clothes valet stand elegantly hold suit jackets, dress pants, and men's accessories
  • Wooden valet stand by Laurel Crown Furniture
  • Close up of men's dresser valet by Laurel Crown
  • Antique valet stand showing the solid wood coat hanger, clothes hanger, and jewelry drawers
  • Back of the clothes valet stand showing the coat hanger and pants holder
  • New Light Classic Mahogany Color
  • Front of valet in Light Classic Mahogany
  • Back of valet in Light Classic Mahogany
  • Drawers shown in Light Classic Mahogany

Men's Valet Stand

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Product Description

We bring beauty, organization and practical storage to your bedroom with our Laurel Crown designer valet stand. Just like a real valet, our men’s valet stand will hold your watch, cuff links, wallet, and other valuables while keeping your favorite suit and dress pants crease and wrinkle-free. Take a close look at this design and you'll see that it features two small drawers for jewelry and accessories, one clothing rack, and one shoulder-formed coat hanger for keeping your dress shirts and suit jacket in perfect form. Not only will this addition bring organization to your bedroom, it also adds a touch of stately elegance and refined taste. This item makes a great gift for the man of impeccable standards.

Why our valet stands?

  • Each men’s valet stand is superbly built by hand to feel unique instead of mass-produced.
  • We use solid wood throughout; no veneer, particleboard, or resin is ever used in our designs meaning a long-lasting addition to impeccable quality.
  • With dimensions of 20"W x 17.5"D x 48.5"H, the stand is the ideal size to offer organizational prowess without taking up too much floor space.
  • The design is ideal for cufflinks, collar stiffeners and the rest for pocket contents.
  • Our antique-inspired design exudes sophistication and class with a sense of refined beauty.
  • Our men’s valet stand comes fully assembled; everything is expertly joined by our woodworkers for an easy gift.

Don't just take our word for it. See what our customers have to say below and why they think we make one of the best high-quality valet stands around.

Do valet stands come in different colors?
The standard color for the men’s valet stand is our medium-brown Classic Mahogany with our signature satin, lacquer finish. By popular demand we have also recently added a Light Classic Mahogany finish option. If you would like to customize this piece we can also make our valets in Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Pine, and other colors by special request.

How long does delivery take?
For most states, we deliver within two weeks of when the order is placed. If you have any questions about this exceptionally crafted stand, we would be pleased to assist you further.

Product Details

Solid mahogany wood
20"W x 17.5"D x 48.5"H
Classic mahogany stain
Satin semi-gloss finish
This piece is customizable through our Custom Design Department