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Mahogany as Outdoor Furniture

Mahogany as Outdoor Furniture

Mahogany furniture has long been a popular choice for interior decorating, but can mahogany furniture be used outdoors? We will take a look at all the advantages of using this hardwood furniture outdoors. Whether you have used mahogany to furnish rooms in your house or want to take your first steps outdoors with mahogany, it is always important to take proper care of mahogany to ensure it continues to look great.

Mahogany is known for its deep red-brown to gold color ranges that have attracted buyers for decades. Typically, mahogany features a straight grain that shows the wood fibers running vertically down the length of the wood. When polished, straight grain becomes incredibly attractive to the eye. While mahogany furniture is a popular choice for outdoor use, there are several factors to consider.


When picking an outdoor furniture piece, you want to be sure it will last you for several years. No one wants to have to replace their furniture regularly. With proper care, mahogany furniture can last up to 40 years outside. While mahogany has great insect resistance, it does not do well when left in direct sunlight. Extended exposure to direct sunlight will lead to your wood's color fading and turning to a soft silvery gray. Restoration is possible, however, and can be accomplished by sanding and staining to bring back the original color. For this reason, it is important to keep your mahogany furniture covered or in the shade when it is not in use.


Mahogany is extremely hard and tight-grained, allowing it to resist shrinking, splintering, and checking. Each of these properties makes mahogany a perfect wood for use outdoors. This wood is also unlikely to warp when exposed to the elements, meaning you will not have to worry about moisture or the occasional spill damaging your favorite piece of furniture.

Before buying any type of furniture for the outdoors, it is important to take into consideration a few factors.


Where will you be placing your furniture? Will it be completely exposed to the elements? Will you be keeping it inside a porch with overhead protection? Each of these questions will help you determine if mahogany furniture is right for your needs.


Before choosing mahogany furniture, it is also important to consider what type of surface your furniture will rest on. Will you be placing it on a hard surface like a patio or deck, or will it be kept on a soft surface like a grassy area in your backyard? All types of wood are susceptible to rot and mildew and keeping your furniture in grassy areas for extended periods can increase the chances of experiencing these negative effects.


The final factor you should consider is the type of climate you live in. Do you live in a region with high humidity, lots of rain, or incredibly hot days? Each of these can affect your wood differently and can require additional protection or maintenance on your part. For mahogany, both sun exposure and exposure to excessive moisture can remove its beautiful hues.

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