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How to Decorate your Master Closet with Antique Reproduction Furniture

How to Decorate your Master Closet with Antique Reproduction Furniture

While the master bedroom is a key room for your home, there is no denying that it is the master closet that helps make the rest of the space, and your life, appear clean and organized. Master closets are often much larger than other bedroom closets in a home, allowing for the most storage and decoration options. When two people share a master closet, it will be important first to decide how the items in the space should be organized to best suit the needs of each person, and then decorate around them.

When it comes to decorating your master closet with vintage reproduction furniture, if you are unsure where to start, we have some wonderful tips and tricks as well as ideas to get your design dreams started. Vintage reproduction furniture's versatility is nearly limitless in smoothly adapting to modern, modern contemporary, country rustic, minimalism, and a slew of incredible, classic, and timeless home décor ideas. Creating the right master closet for you and your needs should be as easy as thinking up the dream design.

Display Cabinets

Using a display cabinet for your walk-in closet is a smart choice to make it feel less closed in and allows your closet space to feel airier and larger. The advantage of a display cabinet, such as our Georgian Curio Cabinet, for example, is the transparency in the glass. Not only does it allow you to see and choose what you wish to wear or use for the day at a single glance, but it's an easy way to remind you to keep your closet organized.

Storage and Mood

Whether you are working with a large walk-in closet or a smaller walk-in, there are options that you can choose to set a refined yet cozy mood easily. A French Sleigh Wardrobe with drawers would allow you to take advantage of vertical space while offering a place to hang and store clothing or valuable items. Pair it with a sumptuous Georgian chair or a gorgeous French Sleigh stool or an upholstered mahogany bench for a warm, inviting atmosphere with an unmistakable elegance.

Center Island

With open shelving or perhaps the addition of your display cabinets and having a larger closet may mean you have ample room in the center to build an island using a chest of drawers. Many of our hand-carved pieces would make an excellent center-statement piece that both double as a place to store clothing or items, as well as a display stand with a smooth surface should you choose.

For instance, our wide French Sleigh Dresser, Chippendale Wide Chest of Drawers, Chippendale Lowboy, or French Country Pine Chest of Drawers are all suitably cultivated high-quality pieces that can fit an array of spaces for such an island. Their precise hand-finished, polished tops are perfectly flat and a great place to perhaps place a mirror, a necklace stand, or a jewelry and bag display. Last but never least, a center island chest of drawers can also be a place to fold clothing.

A Spot for a Vanity

Whether you have our vintage Sleigh Vanity Dressing Table or are looking for something like a Queen Anne Secretary desk paired with a Federal or Rococo revival wall mirror to create your unique vanity—the walk-in closet is the perfect place for skincare and makeup. A small desk can also be transformed into a vanity, such as a large antique reproduction hall table, a small Sheraton hall table, or a Biedermeier console table as they have slimmer profiles to take up less space in your closet, yet plenty of surface area for your skincare or makeup products.

Whichever you choose, pair it with a comfortable and luxurious Victorian parlor chair or a French antique tub chair for the ultimate in elegant coziness and get ready for the day.

Personal Gallery and Sofa

If you have the room for it, perhaps you would prefer to incorporate something you love looking at as well as a piece of furniture you can relax on. For a luxurious and personal touch, consider a settee or sofa with footrest or stool. Place the day's clothing or a favorite book on the stool or footrest, or you can add a cozy blanket on the sofa or rest your purse or wallet there should you wish. A Rococo settee paired with an antique reproduction Georgian footstool with a lavish faux fur rug and favorite art hung nearby on shelves or along the wall is a perfect curl-up spot. It can also be a relaxing little nook for you to begin the day.


Regardless of your walk-in is large and spacious, or medium to modest, you can add a touch of luxe with stunning accent seating. This can make your closet resemble a refined dressing room and give you a soft place to sit while you get ready or unwind from the day. For exquisite lines and atmosphere, a Louis XV Armchair, or a Louis XVI Bergère Armchair paired with staggering mahogany circular mirrors instead of just one will create a unique style all your own.

Personal Boutique

For a rich touch of dark wood color and to capture a classic antique boutique feel, a pair of Victorian Open Display Shelves will allow you to neatly display and store your favorite accessories. Easily place your small items such as shoes, evening bags, purses, or jewelry along the shelves. Not only will they look stunning, but you will also find what you need when you need it within a glance.

When it comes to bespoke antique reproduction furniture, we can assist you in customizing what you need too. There are countless ideas to creating the perfect master closet with vintage reproduction furniture, and we hope that we can help you realize your ideas into reality.

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