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How to Create a Man Cave with Vintage Pieces

How to Create a Man Cave with Vintage Pieces

The term ‘man cave,’ may recall some dubiously decorated areas of the home filled with devices as well as electronics whose main function is to serve a gentleman that is rather fanatic about watching sports. Perhaps you might envision a dark basement of a home with incomplete walls, a few overtly large chairs with a table, and scattered team emblems upon the walls. While we aren’t entirely fond of the term ‘man cave,’ for what sort of room it can invoke, it is undeniable that everyone needs and deserves a bit of personal space from time to time.

Given how much time we are now spending in the safety of our homes, we believe it is a crucial time to make sure our personal spaces are up to the challenge of isolation as well as being stylish. The idea or concept of a man cave can be as rich, warm, inviting, and comfortable as any other room with the right pieces of furniture, and one can still enjoy their favorite games or sports within.

For the modern man who is lucky enough to have an entire room to himself for his hobbies, passions, and pleasures, creating a man cave with vintage furniture pieces is easier than ever. Evolving a man cave into a space that is chic as well as unique with interior design that works for you can be easier than ever with antique reproductions. We share some of our top ideas for creating the perfect oasis to unwind and relax in.

Planning A Man Cave

  • Balance Your Space: Many designs of man caves revolve around a central games table. An antique pool and billiard table is a sophisticated central piece and an excellent place to begin. When you plan your new man cave or a change of décor that includes a new or already owned game table, don’t let it overwhelm the room. Your space should have room for all sorts of relaxing activities, not just the gaming table.

    To balance your space, there are several other décor options to think of. It is important to have room for a home cinema, a bar, a sound system, and so on. Have plenty of room for options.

  • Tasteful Indulgence: Should you have already amassed a large collection of your favorite sports keepsakes and wonder how to fit it in with a vintage look, it’s very simple, fortunately. Display your favorite banners, scarves, signed memorabilia, or jerseys in vintage photo frames.

  • Find a Style: Most man caves are a singular room. Therefore, your décor should make sense and be pleasing to the average eye. The three most popular and classic antique styles of furniture can be simplified into French Provincial, Victorian, and Chippendale by signature and influence. When you find a signature style you love, try and incorporate furniture pieces with the same style for a pleasing atmosphere.

If you are a gentleman with a fondness for vintage parlors, antique reproductions are a perfect choice, especially Victorian-era style.

Creating a Man Cave with Vintage Pieces

For the vintage gentlemen:

Should vintage be a room décor theme that you love or have long dreamed of having, this can be achieved with the right reproductions and a few additions to set the entire mood of your man cave. Luckily, if something more steampunk is desired, the same effect can be captured easily by going with Victorian-era furniture.

Basics for a Vintage Atmospheric Room:

  • Muted and neutral color stories. Colors such as rich browns, sepia, cream, black, dark, and rich reds or dark greens are some of the most common colors you will find used in this popular style.
  • Wall art with old maps or maps made to look antique framed in distressed and vintage frames.
  • A terrestrial globe that is very old or find a reproduction with an aged, vintage look.

Furniture Suggestions:

  • Statement chairs for reading, relaxation, or seating for watching movies, television, or games being played on the game table are a must. Consider the Victorian Parlor Chair, the Louis XV Fauteuil armchair, a French Antique Tub chair, or the Louis XVI Bergère armchair.
  • For relaxed lounging, perhaps watching your favorite movies or games, consider a tasteful sofa or settee such as the Victorian Camelback Sofa, an Empire Swan Settee, or the luxuriously sophisticated Empire Swan Chaise Lounge.
  • Pair the statement vintage chairs or sofa you like with an equally eye-catching coffee table or end tables for you or any guests to set their drinks, snacks, or even a place for lamps or books. The Pavilion Glass Coffee Table for example is a sophisticated addition that would look balanced between your statement chairs. Or leave the space between the chairs empty and place a handmade mahogany occasional table beside each chair. For even more convenience and elegance, you could consider the use of a mahogany Nest of Tables that is versatile enough for singular use or several guests.
  • Your vintage man cave would not be complete without a polished-looking entertainment console. A Colonial Style TV Stand or even a compact Country Lane Side Cupboard for the man cave with limited space would do nicely.
  • Would it truly be a man cave without a bar? Regardless of how large or small a space you are working with, many eye-catching vintage reproductions can seamlessly fit into your new antique-styled man cave. With a little ingenuity or simply using the beautiful components already placed in pieces such as a French Country Hutch, a Chippendale Display Cabinet, or a Large Antique Armoire makes for stunning space-conservative bar storage and serving area.

Decorating a man cave to become an alluring vintage place to retreat at the end of the day, as impressive and comforting to you as well as guests as you can see is not so difficult of an undertaking when you know the basics. As well as what sort of furniture styles to seek, you can seamlessly integrate today’s modern conveniences in a retro-inspired theme that brings a touch of timeless class as well as showing off your fantastic taste. At Laurel Crown, we are happy to help bring your dreams of a gentlemen’s man cave to life for you. If you have any questions on how we can further assist, feel free to reach out to us at any time.

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