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Federal Heart Back Chair

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Product Description

From approximately 1789 to 1823, sharply beautiful geometric forms and straight legs swept through a country called America as it struggled to distinguish itself from its beginnings as its own, unique country. This style was often referred to as the Federal Furniture style, pioneered by makers such as Duncan Phyfe, Charles-Honore Lannuier, and influenced by Georgian and Adam styles along the way.

Hepplewhite is said to have touched on this style of furniture as well, giving his name to the distinctive characteristic of the shield or federal heart back chair. In honor of this sweeping, timeless American classic, we have attentively recreated one of the more beloved antique styles in this chair.

The federal heart back chair is an exclusive with craftsmanship made to last found only with Laurel Crown's master carpenters. The hand-carved details in this chair can both be summed up as arresting and engaging, bringing a pleasurable aesthetic no matter where you may feature your brand-new federal style chair.

Made from 100% Honduran mahogany, prized by the masters for years for its longevity and beauty, these federalist chairs make the perfect addition to an heirloom dining room table. Or, a single federal-style chair can be a centerpiece all on its own with a delicate desk or reading nook. The décor possibilities with something as fetching as this chair is nearly endless.

Traditional, handmade upholstery with the finest materials is available, and if you would like to customize these federalist chairs to fit in with furniture you may already have, we can happily do that as well. Our Custom Design Department has been working side by side with loyal customers for years, bringing their ideas to life.

Since we make each federal style chair by hand, exactly as the originals were made generations ago, our furniture will last and become a family tradition guaranteed.

We only use the best, eco-friendly sourced Honduran mahogany to ensure your treasured federal heart back chair resists moisture, shrinkage, and is harder and more durable than oak. With our special satin semi-gloss finish, the legendary qualities of this rare wood have been coaxed to a high radiance of reddish-brown accents that will surely deepen over time.

These stunning federalist chairs are a must-have for the antique reproduction and American history collector. Turn your area from a bland empty space to a warm, unforgettable home with this timeless and enchanting handmade piece.

For Customization Options for Federal Heart Back Chair visit https://www.laurelcrown.com/custom-furniture

Product Details

Solid mahogany wood
24.5"W x 23"D x 35.5"H
Classic mahogany stain
Satin semi-gloss finish
Upholstery Options:
Stock fabric or customer's own material (COM)
This piece is customizable through our Custom Design Department
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