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Decorating a Garden with Antiques


Gardening is a centuries-old hobby that continues to provide enjoyment and health benefits for everyone who participates. The interest in horticulture offers a peaceful escape that invites tranquility and harmony into our yards, homes, and soul. Garden ornaments bring a unique flair to the land and allow you to customize your yard. While some people purchase new decorations for their gardens, many have taken to displaying antique pieces.

Tying together the old history of gardening with vintage antiques creates a space that exudes classic charm and values the authenticity of an old hobby. The use of antiques in garden decoration can still be innovative and fresh despite the age of the ornaments. Home gardeners and antique enthusiasts can enjoy the overlap of the two past times by incorporating a few antique objects into an existing garden or transforming the garden into an antique itself!

How To Incorporate Antiques in a Garden:
While the possibilities are endless, there are a few common approaches to beautifully antiquating your garden. Some people plant a garden inside and around their antiques while others position the items throughout the garden for a museum-like effect. Either way, antiques are sure to bring a focal point and engaging conversation to your garden.

1. Wall Displays -- If you have a large exterior wall in or near your garden, use this as a canvas to display a variety of antiques. Often seen in living rooms and interior spaces, displaying antiques on a wall can be brought outside to resemble an art gallery in your garden. Any antique can be used but aged or rusted metal often blends perfectly with a garden landscape.

2. Windmills -- Replicate a glimpse of the Dutch countryside by adding a windmill to your garden. Antique decorative garden windmills can be found in various materials including metal, wood, and poly. Garden windmills have been popular in the US since the nineteenth century, and their long history makes vintage pieces available in a wide array of styles and colors. This charming ornament will complete your outdoor space while also providing concealment for unsightly areas or fixtures in your garden.

3. Clawfoot Bathtub -- While it may seem strange, putting a vintage clawfoot bathtub in a garden provides an intriguing focal point and can also be practical! Repurposing a bathtub into an outdoor planter is a relatively simple DIY project, and it will provide you with a unique ornament and extra space for planting. This quirky setup also can be easy on the knees because when filled with soil and plants, its elevation alleviates the need to kneel while gardening.

4. Metal Trough -- Another way to save a lot of bending over in the garden is adding a metal trough as a plant bed. Galvanized troughs are traditionally used to feed animals, but plants grow extremely well in them. Maintenance is easy because rust only adds to the vintage aesthetic when it comes to metal troughs! Adding an antiquated trough to your garden is a beautiful way to maximize space, improve plant growth, and alleviate pressure on your knees.

5. Birdbath -- A simple antique birdbath can be repainted and reused in an outdoor garden space. Its rustic appearance contrasts modern furniture and lush surroundings while providing birds with a functional space to rest and rinse off. Ensuring increased bird traffic to your garden, this antique piece is an excellent addition for bird watchers and garden enthusiasts!

6. Cart or Wheelbarrow -- Vintage carts and wheelbarrows are seamless ways to turn your garden into an antique display. Not only do they serve as a vessel for container gardens, but a piece with working wheels can also aid in transport. Wood or metal carts and wheelbarrows can be repainted (or left as they are) and placed on a patio to hold pots and plants.

7. Benches -- If you spend a lot of time in your garden, you may find yourself wishing for a place to rest and enjoy its splendor. Plenty of old-fashioned benches are available at antique shops in a multitude of styles and shapes. Classic cast iron benches and roundabout benches can be placed strategically in your garden to compliment the style of your garden while giving you a sturdy place to enjoy nature’s serenity.

8. Bicycle -- A bicycle is one of the most common antique items to repurpose for outdoor gardening use. Rusty old-fashioned bicycles offer many a nostalgic glimpse into the past, and their anatomy can be both aesthetically captivating and practical in a garden setting. Planter baskets are often placed at the front and back of the bike, where they can be filled with eye-catching flowers of varying colors and sizes. This distinctive piece will brighten up any area and make your garden more welcoming.

9. Statues -- Sculptures and statues can contribute to the old-world mood of your garden by giving the appearance of a historic ruin overrun with lush plant life. No matter how deteriorated, the statue’s ruinous appearance adds to its visual function in your space. You can get creative by choosing the statues for your garden wisely and learning about each piece’s history. The history will provide intriguing conversation surrounding the ornament.

10. Barrels -- Since they’re already containers, it’s not surprising that barrels make great planters for holding vegetables, flowers, and other vegetation. The rustic appearance of barrels is a timeless garden supplement that offers ample space and classic appeal.

11. Random Antique Items -- Some antiques can make a statement with a little bit of strategic placement. Things like an old-fashioned laundry press or an old chair are classic antique shop finds that can transform your garden with very little work. Simply place the antique in a leafy spot and watch it become a part of the rustic landscape.

While antiques may be dated, their charming decorative powers are certainly in vogue! If you want to add a vintage touch to your garden, agricultural ornamentation is a great way to repurpose old antiques. Reconnect with the past and create a sense of history in your garden by blending the old world with the new.

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