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Bring The Regal Look of Bridgerton Into Your Home

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Are you looking for a fun way to create a luxurious and interesting look in your home that's inspired by the hit show Bridgerton? If so, then one should consider the popular styles from the Regency era. The Regency style of decor is characterized by opulence and elegance, and it's become quite the popular design choice today. You can take inspiration from your favorite characters or rooms to create your own personal space that will stand out from other homes.

Why Bridgerton?
For those not yet in the know, Bridgerton is an American TV streaming series based on Regency-era novels written by Julia Quinn. The show is set in early 19th century London and follows the Bridgerton siblings as they explore love in high society. As one has already seen or may expect, the interior designs of the Bridgerton sets consist of royal-feeling colors, furniture, and furnishings that are indicative of the era. This show is a great source of inspiration for anyone looking to create a luxurious and interesting look in their home. The Bridgerton look will always be composed of beautiful furniture, paintings, art pieces, and other items that give it such an amazing, traditional feel.
You can use various elements from the show's look to create your unique style by combining components from different scenes and rooms into one for your own home. It can aid you in creating an atmosphere that feels like you've stepped out of a time machine and into a beautiful London mansion from the past.

Focus on Regency Era Decor

Consider including items in your room that create a sense of luxury. A regency-style home is designed to evoke a sense of royalty, and it does this by adding luxurious fabrics, mirrors, and other fine furniture and furnishings. Consider featuring elements made from elegant materials such as silk and gold in your room. This decor can be adapted for use in your home. You could also consider using ornate picture frames or wall decorations that have an antique look.
Experiment with fancy fabrics and textures. The rooms in Bridgerton are filled with fabrics that are both luxurious and comfortable. You can easily recreate this look by adding cushions, blankets, or pillows made from soft materials, such as velvets, silks, or velour. These materials feel great to touch and will make your home feel more luxurious than ever before. We suggest a pair of fine velvet curtains or a silk throw over your sofa for an opulent touch of class.
Some popular designs of the show and era include flowers. Try printed or embroidered items with beautiful wisteria flowers, a solemn and gorgeous plant often found in distinctive art from that time.

Colors, Shapes, and Textures

Much of the Bridgerton style is associated with light colors and bright, cheerful shades. You can recreate this look by adding lighter and brighter colors to your home, such as white, blue, yellow, cream, or pink. These are all great options if you want to create a calm and regal atmosphere. You could also consider using neutral shades like black, gray, or brown as accents; these colors will add a wide array of diversity while still emulating the classic show style.

Much of the shapes of the Regency era are curved and intricately detailed. You can recreate this look by adding ornate pieces to your home, including lamps, tables, or reproduction antiques. It's also worth considering using round shapes in your interior design, which can make your space feel warm and inviting. Adding furniture pieces with carefully designed details, such as carvings or patterns, will add a touch of class and elegance to any room.

Natural materials such as wood evoke feelings of warmth and comfort while also representing the style of the Regency era. Linen and cotton are also natural materials that evoke a feeling of comfort. They also are associated with the Regency era, as these fabrics were commonly usedt during this period . Compare Regency materials for yourself and choose which would work best for your interpretation of the Bridgerton aesthetic.

Learn About Regency Furniture

The furniture will be the centerpiece of your room, so it needs to be comfortable while also capturing the look of the show. Your furniture should be durable and versatile, which means you should be able to use and display it in many different ways and rooms throughout your house. You should also look at choosing unique pieces that will add something different to your space.
The key characteristics of Regency-era furniture include incorporating high-end wood variants, namely mahogany. Mahogany has a deep reddish-brown color and a straight grain, making it an attractive hardwood suitable for high-quality, long-lasting furniture. During this time, ebonized wood was a popular trend in furniture-making. Ebonizing is the technique of darkening wood to give it an ebony-like hue. The procedure was followed by polishing and staining more affordable wood species to provide a slick black surface that many considered exotic.
One of the most indicative features of Regency furniture was embellishment. Decorations, including metal accents, were often added to embellish dark and simplistic designs. One of the more popular metal choices was brass for its bright, gold-like color, which creates a stunning contrast with the dark woods. It is also easier for a skilled craftsperson to embellish and work with but at a much more accessible cost than gold. It proved to be a good look for gilding, mounts, and inlays. Some also applied gold and red paint on ebonized wood in basic shapes to achieve that classic, royal feel.
For something extra special, be on the lookout for furniture from that era that features either Asian or nautical influences. This is an era often recognized for European ventures into the Northeastern Hemisphere or out to sea, where materials like bamboo or medallion-like imagery were brought back and incorporated into the furniture.

The Bridgerton style is a great way to add a new and inspired look to your home that can incorporate everything from furniture to décor. Bring a scene from the show into your home by following some of these savvy tips.

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