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Types of Wood used for Furniture

Posted by Laurence Lok on

Different types of hardwoods

Sure, you’ve heard of mahogany and oak and know that they’re types of hard wood, but could you identify them if they were in front of you? Let’s find out.

Mahogany is usually reddish-brown and is not only strong, but supple making it a great choice for detailed carving. It takes stain very well and reflects light beautifully when finished. Considered to be rare amongst woods, antique furniture that is constructed from it tends to be of the best quality.

Maple wood is usually beige or light tan and has good natural resistance to shrinkage and warping. While the surface takes very well to staining, it is also very difficult to detail. In addition, the material is extremely durable and considered to be a quality hardwood.

Oak has a light pinkish-brown hue to it and also has good resistance against warping and shrinking. The material is hard and sturdy making it difficult to perform refined carving, but it also takes stains evenly – an important feature to consider when choosing a type of wood for furniture.

Poplar wood is a light tan wood that often has pink or green-tinted streaks running through it. It is nowhere near as strong as mahogany or maple, but it is easy to work with for carpenters and is a convenient choice for interior furniture parts.

Teak is another strong wood that can be used both indoors and outdoors due to its silica extractions that make it resistant to rotting. The material is extremely durable and gives any piece an elegant patina when aged.

Rosewood is a deep red material that has natural black graining. Like maple and oak, it has good resistance to shrinking or warping and is also easy to work with. Along with mahogany, rosewood was especially prevalent in Victorian furniture. However, it is also very rare and pieces that feature it are usually expensive.

Walnut has a dark grayish-brown color and is often stained darker for a sleek, modern look. It also has good natural resistance to swelling and warping, however not as much as the other woods that have been mentioned. It carves well, making it a good choice for ornate pieces, and also has characteristics that make it prone to an even stain finish.

Now that you know your woods, you can feel comfortable heading to the furniture store and choosing the best product to fit your needs. Before making a purchase, be sure to choose a reputable furniture company that is well-respected within the industry.