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Bedroom Lounge Decorating with Vintage Reproduction Furniture

Bedroom Lounge Decorating with Vintage Reproduction Furniture

A large master bedroom is indeed a wonderful thing to have. The bedroom is one of the most essential places of retreat, where we often find ourselves relaxing after a long day of activities or taking time for ourselves in the morning to prepare for those activities. We spend most of our time in our bedrooms and a well-designed bedroom becomes a perfect sanctuary regardless of the time of day.

Decorating your bedroom not only promotes comfort but encourages healthier sleeping and a more restful state of mind. Designing the bedroom of your home to look good as well as feel-good provides you a place to relax, loosen up, and rest well. Having an area in your large master bedroom that acts as a place for you to lounge before sleep is an excellent means to further help you unwind after a long day or stressful activity.

When it comes to creating this space, or decorating your bedroom lounge with vintage reproduction furniture, you may be at a loss as to where to start. Perhaps the choices are overwhelming, or you simply aren't sure yet of what is perfect for you.

If you are wondering where to start, at Laurel Crown, we're exceptionally pleased to be able to lend our expertise in this area by giving you a few helpful suggestions, tips, tricks, and ideas to hopefully spark the bedroom lounge you've been dreaming of.

Why Have a Bedroom Lounge Area?

Most of us at the end of a long workday, whether at home or on the go, many of us do not immediately transition from active to in bed and asleep. After a productive or stressful day, many of us need space to loosen up. Perhaps it is in a plush chair with a book and a cup of tea, or perhaps it is a nightly routine of self-care before rest. Either way, having a warm bedroom lounge, inviting, and cozy that helps your mind associate with relaxation is important.

Vintage Reproduction Furniture Perfect for Relaxation

The first step in decorating your bedroom lounge with vintage reproduction furniture is to determine exactly what you wish out of your bedroom lounge. How do you wish to relax? Your leisure activity of choice should help you determine what styles of furniture you will be looking to place in your bedroom lounge.

A Lounge

If it is likely that you enjoy or will want something comfortable to curl up on, then a sumptuous lounge is exactly the first piece you will no doubt want to consider in your bedroom. An exquisitely made Empire Swan Chaise Lounge is a stunning vintage reproduction of a classic 19th-Century settee that simply begs to be draped with a blanket and a favorite book to unwind in the evening, perhaps with an accompanying Queen Anne half-moon table nearby to set your tea or glass of wine down upon.

For something a little more opulent yet soft enough to sink into, a vintage reproduction Victorian-Style sofa in rich and sumptuously soft burgundy velvet with tufted footstool and Victorian Parlor chair may set the exact mood you are looking for. A splash of the dramatic with the deep color and the gorgeous hand-carved details can add an air of refinement while the plush upholstery will allow you to drift away at the end of the day.

For Smaller Spaces: A Settee or Pair of Matching Accent Chairs

If you find yourself working with a space not quite large enough for a lounge or sofa but larger than a single chair, a settee, love seat, or a matching set of accent chairs may be the perfect space solution. If space for two chairs is still a bit too cramped, a single, plush, and comfortable chair can still be used to create a relaxing area.

If you will be reading, be sure to place the vintage reproduction furniture in an area where adequate light can be placed or where it may already be. Whether your preference to unwind is a book or watching your favorite show, make sure when planning and creating your little get-away nook to place a side table large enough for a remote, the book, and a table lamp.

A two-drawer console table is a slim addition at the right height for easily setting down or picking up your remote or favorite reading material, while its graceful legs and masterful details in dark wood match perfectly with almost any vintage reproduction dark wood furniture.

A matching pair of Louis XV Fauteuil armchairs, for instance, look positively luxurious and comfortable, roomy enough to settle in and relax while an antique tufted loveseat adds a splash of scintillating color and enough room for two, or for you to spread out and enjoy your favorite show or book with room to stretch out.

Don't forget the space at the foot of your bed either. A delicate Chippendale Upholstered Bench, or a Chippendale Two-Seater Settee, or perhaps a Saber Leg upholstered bench, or a chest with upholstered cushions can give you an extra seat and storage options while looking perfectly vintage.

Very Limited Bedroom Space

Should you find yourself working with less space, there are still splendid options for vintage reproduction lounge furniture in a smaller bedroom. Consider the idea of larger bedside tables with ample storage within for both books, newspapers, a remote, or your favorite items you reach for when relaxing, and a cozy chair with a plush ottoman nearby with a delicate and small table beside it. Imagine creating a lounge space that includes a lush Victorian parlor chair with an antique tufted footstool to rest your tired feet upon at the end of the day. To complement this scenario add a Biedermeier bedside cabinet with your materials at one hand and perhaps a plant and extra tabletop space beside the chair with a small Napoleon side table on the other.

Your bedroom should be your break from the outside world, a place for rekindling, restful sleep and dreams, rejuvenation, and getting ready for the next day. At Laurel Crown, decorating your bedroom lounge with vintage reproduction furniture made with the utmost attention to detail and heirloom quality, you will no doubt find the right combination of the perfect lounge for you. Take a look at our finest settees, sofas, accent chairs, ottomans, and benches to create the master bedroom of your dreams.

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