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Adding Value to Your Home With Reproduction Furniture

Adding Value to Your Home With Reproduction Furniture

Having your own home is a special place. Whether that home is owned or rented, being able to have a space that is uniquely for you is comforting, and being able to express yourself through home décor, furnishing as well as small personal touches add value—not only to our lives but the home itself. Whether you have been in your home for a few weeks or years, one of the common goals of homeowners across the country is increasing your home's value.

That value can be sentimental, to pass down a legacy inherited to the next generation, or an investment into the future for whatever it may bring. One of the best means to add value to your home is with reproduction furniture. If you have never owned reproduction furniture or heirloom quality furniture, we can help explain how to add value to your home using antique, or vintage reproduction furniture for both emotional and financial growth.

What is reproduction furniture?

Reproduction furniture pieces are created to look similar to, and most often, handcrafted as exactly as possible, as closely as possible to authentic antique furniture. For example, take Chippendale furniture. This beloved style was created by Thomas Chippendale featuring mid-Georgian, English Rococo, and Neoclassical styles that became renowned for exceptional grace, craftsmanship, and quality after the publishing of his designs in 1754.

Finding a genuine Chippendale piece for the home, however, can become challenging. First, locating a piece of authenticated Chippendale, second, finding a piece in excellent condition without damages, and third—the price of a genuine Chippendale that has been authenticated may be prohibitive to owning one.

However, a vintage reproduction Chippendale chair negates many of the above. A skilled craftsman who is an expert at his or her chosen field will hand make a Chippendale reproduction with the exact skill and process that Chippendale and his workers would have, all those centuries ago.

Why choose reproduction furniture?

You may be hesitant at first as to why you should even choose reproduction furniture, but there are many features to reproduction that make it not only a worthwhile investment but a beautiful piece of home décor and art that will return its investment year after year.

The first of many reasons as to why you should choose to add value to your home with reproduction furniture is that it is made with a quality that outshines anything that can be mass-made. The evidence in this exceptional quality remains in authentic antique furniture, several hundreds of years old, that are still working pieces to this day. By using the same wood joinery and building techniques that have been used in centuries-old furniture, you will be purchasing a piece of functional furniture that will not only outlast but could potentially become an heirloom.

Bringing Value to Your Home

One of the best features of remodeling a home, or beginning to fill it with your décor, is the wide variety of types of construction and options that are available to you. Choosing the right wood used in each piece of furniture has a surprising influence on how the value of both the furniture and home increases over time.

It is why many master craftsmen choose genuine Honduran Mahogany for their reproductions. This wood from Honduras is ethically grown and sourced and is one of the most prized pieces of wood to create vintage and antique reproductions. Due to its glorious reddish-pink hue, Honduran Mahogany deepens into a fine, almost red glow as it ages. This aging effect is called chatoyancy, more commonly known as the cat's eye effect. Not only does mahogany gorgeously age, but there are many properties to the wood itself that make it the ultimate choice for life-long furniture, and many master carpenters have remarked it is a joy to both work and carve.

Mahogany is naturally rot-resistant, extremely durable, as well as being resistant to termites. Mahogany wood does well in dry and moist climates and has minimal shrink or expansion, which often contributes to other woods cracking as they age.

While it is true that mahogany wood furniture may be more expensive than others, when it comes to your home and its furniture, consider that these things are an investment for the future.

And perhaps another of reproduction's finest features is its ability to be mixed, matched, and blended into nearly any modern style of home.

By adding vintage touches with reproductions in your home, it automatically elevates the look as well as the feel of a home into something unique and more refined. How you decorate with reproductions is also a wide-open option. A Chippendale oval end table could be used in a small entryway, for instance, instead of your living room, and a beautiful mahogany blanket chest with drawers can make a delightful living room table and storage option that adds warmth and charm to a modern living space.

Reproduction furniture adds so much value to your home, both personally and financially. It is an alluring means to add texture, luxuriousness, and a regal and layered look that is both inviting and beautiful to behold for generations to come.

We encourage you to peruse our finest reproductions today to find that enchanting piece of reproduction furniture that will no doubt add that special and unique touch as well as the value you seek for your own home.

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