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6 Foot Table Seating Chart

6 Foot Table Seating Chart

Your dining room table plays an important part in your everyday home life. From family or friends gathering to quiet mornings with tea and sunrise—your table could tell such wonderful warm tales if it could talk. But, do you know how many can be seated at your brand new, or beloved six-foot dining room table? What's the comfortable, average seating number so that you can ensure each of your guests and family have the perfect amount of space, while you are still able to set dishes and décor?

You know how important being able to plate, present, and offer the best meals in the best environment can be for creating timeless memories and impressions—but if you don't know how many you can seat at a six-foot table, we're happy to guide you to the proper arrangements!

Round Dining Room Table

A round dining table helps you keep the flow and space to your dining room or dining area. There are no corners for you to worry about, and your family and guests can walk around to get to their seat in ease. Your round dining table suits your formal or casual whims when it comes to mealtime and is a versatile choice. This easier flow to a round table is especially helpful for those who sit at the space, but the placing of meals, homework to do, games or even materials for hobbies and creation tend to work in ease at a round table. Round tables use better space in areas where space is a premium or at a shortage.

A round table is a great table for conversation, as no one gets stuck at the end of the table. Everyone can face one another at a round table and catching someone's attention for a second helping of delicious homemade pie or chit-chat about the day is far easier too.

A six-foot round dining room table averages 72-inches and seats 10-12 adults. Though keep in mind, seating more than 10 people at a six foot table depends entirely on the food that may or may not be placed on the table, your chosen décor, how you want your plating to be set with utensils, napkins and other details you'll be adding during the meal.

Rectangle Dining Room Table

The most common, and most beloved dining room table shape is the rectangle. Usually dining room tables are also this shape, and they can seat many guests for larger-scale entertaining. These dining room tables have a beautiful linear shape that also allows plenty of room for you and guests or family to walk around it.

Rectangle dining room table roughly 6 feet or a little more can seat 6-8 adults.

The recommended width for having enough room to place your settings on both sides is 36-inches to 42-inches.

There is a chance that if you are working with limited space, a rectangular table can be too tight for those spaces once chairs are factored in, but that doesn't entirely mean it can't work.

You may consider a gorgeous wooden bench instead of a chair, which allows you to keep the rectangular dining room table you love while keeping space use to a minimum, as a bench can be slid under the table.

Square Dining Room Table

For the perfectly square-shaped room, the same shape of a dining room table is a great choice. They look right together, and you can see that every time you are in this wonderful dining space. This table shape works impeccably for those wishing to have a more intimate meal with friends or family.

Having a conversation at this table tends to mirror the experience of a round table, being a bit easier to have one and keep up with one.

A square dining room table that is 6 foot is recommended for seating 4 people.

Though the recommended number to seat is no more than 4, you can easily seat more than with a little consideration as well as a square table that uses a leaf or extensions.

Oval Dining Table

Ovals are special dining room table shapes due to excelling at being uniquely visual as well as strikingly appealing in particularly angular rooms with similar lines. An oval dining table can also create a gorgeous illusion that they occupy less space than they do. The curves are a fantastic counter to sharp design elements in your dining room as well. Like round tables and square, they also contribute to creating an intimate dining experience with flexible layouts. These are recommended for large families or large dining room seating needs.

The average recommendation for seating at a 6-foot oval table is 4-6 people.

Seated Cocktail Highboy

Highboy tables, also known as knockdown tables, are tall, round tables that can be great for bringing a sense of casual elegance to your kitchen. They can be extremely versatile as well, as a great table to stand by and taking up less floor space, or seated with beautifully backed counter chairs, or bar stools for a casual appeal.

At six foot in size, or 72 inches, you can comfortably seat 5-6 people. Keep in mind that these tables are generally available in sizes smaller than 6 foot.


Your seating capabilities with any 6-foot table can change for several reasons. Some of them are:

  • How many dishes you wish to place on the table?
  • The shape of your dining room.
  • The general shape and size of the people you are seating.
  • What decorations will remain or be removed from your table
  • How many utensils, glasses, and plates are being used for that meal

These charts and guidelines are a general average and decorator recommendations, but of course, you aren't limited to any of the above shapes mentioned either! Customizing the shape and size of your 6-foot table is an entirely open option. Getting a dining room table custom created for a unique experience and look is something open to you as well, this is a viable option to look at if none of the traditional tables and shapes work for you!

Whichever 6-foot arrangement you choose will surely create the flawless ambiance, elegance, and comfortable dining experience true to your needs!

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